Chi Kung is an ancient form of Chinese exercise which calms the mind and relaxes the body.

Make some time for yourself in this busy world to learn to switch off your mind, and come into your body. Learn to focus on your centre, allowing your shoulders to relax and tensions to melt away. 

"The world may not be peaceful, but we can do much to create peace within."

Kenneth Cohen

Inspired Chi Kung

Literally translated Chi Kung means 'energy work'. It is a gentle form of low impact exercise using a combination of postural alignment, joint mobilisations, breathing techniques and an exploration of stillness to establish physiological and psychological harmony in the body.

Potential benefits include:

Easing of stress and tension
Relaxing the muscles and decreasing joint stiffness
Improving metabolism and digestion 
Focusing on posture, balance and core stability
Improving circulation and mental alertness
Aiding troubled sleep patterns 
Increasing your energy levels
Strengthening the nervous system and immune system
Slowing down the ageing process

Jenny Newbery
Chi Kung Instructor 
APNT Sports Massage Dip. 
ITEC Dip. Massage, Anatomy and Physiology
Polestar Pilates Instructor

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