My job is very physical, and in helping people for years through massage, I have often suffered myself with aches and pains. I have found that Chi Kung is invaluable for helping me to stay strong and healthy, not just physically but mentally as well.

I am passionate and committed to bringing Chi Kung to as many people as I can, children and adults alike. I love the effect it has on people, especially children who have no preconceptions and a fabulous ability to let go! 

I graduated from Sheffield University in 1994, with a B.A. Joint Hons in French and Russsian. After working in London for a year, I moved out to France where I based myself for the next 10 years. 

I initially worked for various ski tour operators in the winters in the French Alps. I went on to take my first massage and anatomy diploma in 2002 and set up my own massage  business in Val d'Isere. 

I was asked to join a team of physiotherapists at a very successful private Sports Clinic, as one of their massage therapists. It was here that I first discovered Chi Kung, through the owner of the clinic, Sue Reed. I joined her classes and the love and appreciation of what Chi Kung could do for me was born.

I moved back to the UK in 2007 and took my sports massage diploma in 2008. I began working in Wimbledon at a physiotherapy clinic part time as well as running my own business in Lymington, Hants. I supported Lawrence Dallalglio on his first fund-raising cycle trip through the Pyrenees, an amazing experience! 

During this time I continued to do Chi King workshops with Thalbert Allen and the College of Elemental Chi Kung, and in 2009 I enrolled on the Chi Kung teacher training programme with Sue Reed at her school in Italy. I completed the second year of the course with the London College of Elemental Chi Kung.

I joined a physiotherapy clinic in Southfields in October 2010 and upon graduation from the College in 2011 I began teaching at Southfields Physio Clinic. I have also trained in Polestar Pilates which gives me an even greater awareness of the body and how it moves.

With the help of Southfields Physio, I have been able to introduce Chi Kung and all it's many benefits to my clients, and have subsequently built up my classes with great success!

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