chi kung

I have taught Chi Kung to little children, aged 2-3 years in a nursery in Wimbledon, a group of 6-8 year olds and also a group of 6-7 year olds at Durlston Court School, Barton-on-Sea.

I have seen these children change and develop hugely and it has been a delight to observe how much they can take in and remember, and how much they love it!

"What struck me when observing the kids class was the way Jenny uses Chi Kung to stimulate the children's imaginations while focusing on coordination, stretching, breathing and meditation." 

Dana Stoll, Chi Kung student.

Chi Kung uses movements from animals and nature to calm and also to lift our energy. The animals represent different seasons and each season is represented by a different element. For example, we play with the Monkey, which represents the element Earth and the Indian Summer, and the Bear which represents the element of Water and the Winter. The Monkey is a very grounding animal. The Bear and the water moves are flowing, sometimes fast sometimes slow, children love playing with the Bear! We allow our emotions and feelings to present themselves!

We can help the children to understand their energy and to relax. They can connect to their body in a fun and supportive environment, through playing with the animal movements and learning simple breathing exercises. 

Each class can stimulate physical, intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual wellbeing by encouraging:

Personal, social and emotional development

Movement and coordination 

Communication and language

Knowledge and understanding of the world

Creative development

Children who practise Chi Kung may:

Develop a strong, flexible and healthy body 

Become more aware of their breathing and emotions

Increase focus, concentration and attention span

Nurture confidence and self-esteem

Cope with stress more effectively 

Relax and sleep better 

Learn to respect themselves, others & the world around them 

Discover their anatomy  

Explore their imagination

Build a foundation of lifelong well-being


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