We regularly hold 2 hour workshops in London on a Saturday. If you would like more information on these events please email for details.

Classes for adults are currently held on 

Thursday night at 2000-2100 at St Barnabas Church Hall, Southfields.

Friday daytime at 1145-1245 at Southfields Physiotherapy Clinic.

Classes are booked in blocks of 6 @ £72.

These classes are open to anyone; any physiological problems can be discussed beforehand.

Please contact me in you are interested, as places are limited.

What to expect

I teach Elemental Chi Kung. We follow the seasons, with Autumn being the metal element, Winter the water element, Spring is wood and Summer is fire. Earth is the inter season, and also the Indian Summertime. 

Each element is represented by a different animal, relating back to the ancient Chi Kung of the 5 animal frolics. We use these animals as the inspiration for some of our movements, or forms.

Forms are graceful and involve movement, static postures, floor work and Chi Kung walks. Classes are relaxing and energising, meditative and fun.

As a massage therapist the anatomy of the body fascinates me, and I bring a little of this into my classes, with explanations of not only how we are moving energy or chi around the body but also which muscles and joints we are helping.

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