'Jen has been my massage therapist for several years, so when she talked about Chi Kung & suggested its would be good for me I paid attention. It took a while in the first session to get used to the "not pushing" aspect of Chi Kung but Jen is a great & patient teacher. Her understanding of  how the body works, together with the Chi Kung really adds something special. 12 months on, my weekly session is one I try not to miss and just wish I was disciplined enough to practise more during the time in between!'

Sarah, Triathlete and Office Manager

'Having been caught by the ‘chi kung’ bug on a retreat in Tuscany 2 years ago I was thrilled to be able to continue it here with Jen in Southfields. I’m not one to commit to a class every week but something about chi kung draws me back every time and it never fails to make me feel relaxed and calmly energised. I have problems with my joints and this gentle form of movement undoubtedly does them good. An oasis in what is sometimes a hectic life!'

Serena, Family Therapist 

'In the middle of a hectic week it is amazing to have an hour of calm, when everything else just fades away while doing Chi Kung. After attending Jenny’s evening class, I have noticed that I feel more relaxed and that I sleep better. I especially love that you can participate at your own level. It has reminded me of the importance of taking time out to do things for your health and well-being, and I would recommend it to anyone!'

Dana, Senior Receptionist 

"You are a wonderful teacher, and I want to bring as many people as possible to your classes! They are very special and they have helped me enormously. The Bird makes me so happy! It really lifts my heart energy. Thank you."

M, Homeopath.

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